Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Hello Friend!

Zu diesem Bild inspirierte mich ein Gedicht von Jana Louise Albany, auf das ich zwischen Sommer und Herbst 2010 stieß. Natürlich möchte ich es Euch nicht vorenthalten!

" "Hello there",
Came a small tiny voice out of nowhere.
At first, I thought there was nothing to see
Then a little bunny rabbit hopped towards me
Telling me to enjoy the last of summer before it passes
Warm and sweet like this field of sunflowers and grasses.
I stood still a while as a gentle wind rose,
Watching him with his occasional twitch of the nose
Resting peacefully as if his day had just begun
Basking quietly in the warm Indian Summersun.
Beeing greeted by this rabbit was not a chance event
I saw how peaceful he was and quiet content
Taking the time to greet everyone
Enjoying life and having fun
Saying "Hello there!
Life is beautiful, I do declare!"  "

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